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What is theartskitchen?

In simple words, theartskitchen is a comprehensive digital guide to art news in the Middle East. It aims to converge the two rapidly expanding fields of art and online media. While promoting established local artists and emerging talent, theartskitchen provides reviews and coverage of art events, performing arts, film screenings, and literary works.

We research and create our own content

theartskitchen is also an investigative newsletter constantly researching the art market, upcoming galleries, emerging and existing artists  – recognizing and refurnishing arts as more of a culture than a field.

Our team of in house writers and photographers frequently explore the changing trends within the art field, covering current exhibitions and events to bring to our readers information that is not only news worthy but also accurate; journalistically.

It is the only digital art newsletter in the region – at a time when there is a huge discussion of print media becoming obsolete.

Our thoughts

Nothing can replace the experience of reading through a print newspaper or magazine. However, we firmly believe one needs to adapt to the changing times, where everything – these days – is dominated by the online world.

theartskitchen aims to thrive amidst this digital revolution and provide its readers current news – whilst being one step ahead.

A warm welcome to theartskitchen Blog. 
theartskitchen Team
May 1, 2010

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