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Disney’s Prince of Persia – How exciting?

May 18, 2010

By Paul Williams

Like many video gamers I found myself in a joyful mood when the world was told it was to expect a Prince of Persia movie – a game that was released way back in 1989 as a two dimensional side scrolling game and has since evolved into the astounding visual experience.

While I am weary of what the movie will turn out to be, due to the history of movies based on video games (pointedly Alone In The Dark and the cringe worthy sequel), I hoped that with the right actors, script and director, a passable film can be created, but of course this idea went down the drain when I realized Disney was involved.

Being fair, Prince of Persia isn’t exactly known for being one of the gorier games around nor even a violent one at that, as it tends to rely on puzzles as well as fighting enemies to finish the game, but it is as though Disney sucked all the fun out of going to watch this movie by becoming involved.

To tell you the truth I would have preferred Prince of Persia to look like the illegitimate offspring of The Scorpion King and Mortal Kombat rather than the over hyping of Jake Gyllenhaal doing free running in parachute pants, which is what the trailer seems to be making it out to be.

Anyway, enough of my babbling – Prince of Persia is coming out this Thursday, May 20. Be sure that if you watch, leave a comment or send us your views on what is supposed to be one of the summer box office hits.

OR one of our writer’s surely will.

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