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UAE’s first book club? AT LEAST first formed by UAE’s Twitter Community

May 16, 2010

Posted by Mamtu Manghnani (@theartskitchen)

Whilst twitter has already proved to be an exceptional networking tool for organizations, it has allowed individuals with shared interests to form communal groups – such as the Twit Book Club, shaped by a certain group of book lovers from the UAE twitterati community.

Being a newcomer to the club and one of the early ones to attend the Saturday meeting, I didn’t know what to expect from this gathering or meet.

Even though I come from a city like Mumbai, which is ‘seemingly so’ abundant in arts and culture, including the written arts, I’ve never witnessed the formation of a book club or even attended one. But then again, in India, the reading population seems to be decreasing, number of authors increasing and role of the younger generation is increasingly diverting into that of an entrepreneurial one.

Which is why the concept of the Twit Book Club excites me, for not just reasons such as to meet people with similar interests, discuss authors and opinions, have casual debates and conversations, but to also come across individuals from diverse backgrounds who do not pose the usual Dubai-ite question, “So, What do you do for a living?”

However this was the second time in one week, I found someone asking my twitter name before my actual name and this, to me, is intriguing.

It makes late bloomers, like myself, think on how important is your twitter name these days and cleary, in such meetings and social gatherings/ ‘Tweetups’ – very.

Going back to the Twit Book Club – BOTTOM LINE – it’s really just for anyone who has an interest in reading, wants to mingle with literature enthusiasts, doesn’t mind reading a book a month to maintain the opinion flow in the monthly meetings, doesn’t mind sharing an opinion and wants to benefit from the Magrudy’s Loyalty Card (after four purchases, fifth book free) and a 20% off on all monthly book club selections from Jashanmal, who also sponsor the meetings (space & refreshments) at Shelter Dubai.

Call it whatever, maybe just a gut feeling – but this book club can grow into something symbolic, especially for the ‘lit lovers’ in this region, with probably a small contribution, especially monetary, from the members and a slight focus on the region’s non – twitteratis.

Recommended Selections (as voted by the members)
June –
July –

Follow The Twit Book Club – @TBookClub, #TwitBookClub (If I’ve got it right)

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