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Laura Bush’s new book: Spoken from The Heart

May 12, 2010

Laura Bush's New Book Posted by Mamtu Manghnani

Sixteen months after leaving the white house, Former First Lady Laura Bush writes from her heart about every “public detail”, controversy and success whilst living in the White House.

She also touches on the September 11 attacks in New York City, Washington D.C., and the downed plane in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, and what happened in the days, months, and years that followed.

She gives a personal account of her childhood, her teenage years, marriage with Former President George W. Bush, her family, relations between her family and in – laws as well as a human touch to the critical political years in Bush’s office.

Whilst many people may have forgotten how calm she seemed during those difficult years, especially after the attacks, with this book she reminds people of the dignified woman she really is.

She ends the book with this quote, “Sometime during that first spring and summer back in Texas, I began to feel the buoyancy of my own newfound freedom. After nearly eight years of hyper vigilance, of watching for the next danger or tragedy that might be coming, I could at last exhale; I could simply be.”

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