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AFIF review in the upcoming issue – this being just A TEASER.

May 11, 2010

theartskitchen attended the FRIDGE event last evening and honestly, for a warehouse converted to a studio, we were impressed.

The lights dim, mirrors on the wall and a huge black wall on the right side of the entrance: we wondered is this where the performance will be?

Bean bags thrown around and refreshments made available, we arrived earlier than the start and could hear ‘sounds’ of the AFIF band’s ‘sound check’.

The friendly staff guided us through the top level, behind the stage backdrop and to their office space. And how everything in the public’s view and outside décor was black, the office was just the contrast – chairs, tables, laptops, files and papers – all in white.

We met Shelley Frost, Director of The Fridge, and she said, “We are so excited about this and we are looking for a REAL review, other than just listings. Where I come from, we wait for an event or performance critique and see what rating we’ve got to make ourselves better”.

Paul Williams, one of the chief writers of theartskitchen, immediately responds, “Well, that’s really where I come in”. And we burst out laughing, as if sharing a covert joke.

Now, unlike most people, theartskitchen knows how Paul can be blatantly honest in his reviews.

That’s about it for now. Do wait for theartskitchen’s blunt, critical and constructive review of the fourth FRIDGE concert series’ first performance – Jazz band AFIF.

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