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Choreographer completes ten successful years

May 6, 2010

Sharmila, By Anika Habib, Posted On: Saturday May 1, 2010

Prominent UAE choreographer, Sharmila Kamte and her Dance Company marked their tenth anniversary by organizing a masterpiece show, Sharmila’s Dance Extravaganza, at the DUCTAC (Dubai Community Theatre & Arts Centre) on April 23 and 24.

Whilst the crowd’s enthusiasm and energy was exhilarating, just like every year, the event showcased the different dance skills to a packed house.

“You would think it would be easier, having done this for so many years in a row but it was very stressful. Because it was the tenth year, you want to do it a little bit better. Having spent more on production and having so much more publicity you want to raise the bar a bit. 190 dancers was a lot (to handle) this year and the show became quite long – two and half hours”, responds Sharmila, when questioned about the challenge of organizing a show that marked her company’s tenth anniversary.

According to her, the show was a large representation of herself. An infusion of all dance types from hip hop, jazz, contemporary, western-cowboy-square, jive, ballet, Bollywood, folk and even silk – the dances were more than just a showcase of skills.

Including this were some thought provoking miniature stories and scenes within each performance, along with cheerleading, lounge singing, seventies party, belly dancing and futuristic robotic scenes, with 190 amateur and professional dancers of all ages, levels and nationalities. The closing performance was by Sharmila herself.

When ask her to pick a favorite genre, she says, “I can’t pick ‘one favorite’ dance type, my favorites would have to be a cross between hip hop, lyrical contemporary, ballet and jazz. Just can’t pick and choose one.”

She came to Dubai for personal reasons and ended up doing extremely well. “I love this place, I love that it’s so multicultural. It’s a city that definitely made me who I am today. When you take dance and kids who are really interested in it, you have to do it in a way that is respectable to the society you live in, which also forms part of the culture.”

Her most memorable moment: “There’s too much, it’s got to be all of it – being able to travel, getting so many opportunities, having a lot of fun, dancing before Lionel Ritchie, goes on and of course, this show – My Dance Extravaganza.”

All we can say to her – It’s not just one of your most memorable moments, Sharmila and your audience can vouch for that.

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